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Recent advances in silicon microchips have helped to truly revolutionize POS equipment in the 21st century. There is nowhere where this is more true than with wireless POS. Suddenly, items like Symbol's Pocket Register Barcode scanner (pictured right) make it so much easier to track inventory, write up sales and print receipts portably. Now, with the touch of a button, it is possible to send all information to a remote POS System and access information such as inventory reports, customer details and more.

Appearing incredibly like a simple Palm Pilot, these devices allow you to scan an item remotely and invoice your sales on the spot - an application perfect for mobile retailers. In fact, with the addition of a specialized printer, you can even print out receipts immediately using an infrared port. For inventory control purposes, simply scan the item to keep a correct count. When your inventory count is complete, the Pocket Register port will transmit your entire count to a customized POS system, simply, and effectively.

Using a Pocket Register & Inventory system from POS Software & Systems Group, there is never a need to worry about keeping paper records or making a customer wait. Instead, you and your employees can instantly create receipts, run transactions and access prices listing immediately - with little or no training.

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