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Using IC Verify

Setting Up IC Verify for DOS in Windows 95 or 98 to work with Cash Register Express

1. Click on the Start button and select Run. Type command to go to the DOS prompt. Type CD\ at the DOS prompt to go to the root directory (C:\). Type MD\MULTI to create a directory called C:\MULTI.

2. Type CD\ICVERIFY to relocate to the ICVerify directory. Type ICVerify to run ICVerify, then test the program by running a credit card through ICVerify. Test ICVerify without Cash Register Express running to be sure that the program is running properly by itself. NOTE: If there are problems running ICVerify in DOS, ICVerify will not work properly with Cash Register Express. Type exit to exit from the DOS prompt and return to Windows.

3. Create a shortcut for ICVerify on the Windows Desktop. Right click on the desktop to display a menu of options for the desktop. Select New then select Shortcut.For the command line, type c:\icverify\icverify.exe /n/o/m c:\multi, then click on Next.

4. Launch Cash Register Express. At the Login Screen, click on Setup then select Setup File Locations. You will be asked to enter the drives that the CRE database, Windows, and IC Verify are on. Be sure that the drive specified for IC Verify is the same as the one the IC Verify is actually on. Launch IC Verify in Windows then launch Cash Register Express. Test that IC Verify works with CRE by processing a credit card transaction.

Setting Up IC Verify for Windows 95 or 98 to work with Cash Register Express

1. Load the IC Verify Setup program. Click on Start, and then select Programs , IC Verify for Windows then IC Verify Setup.

2. Click on Merchant Information and make sure that Evaluate Rsp is set to 'Y' for short response. Save the changes, then exit.

3. Load the IC Verify Multi User Processor. Click on Start then select Programs , IC Verify for Windows then IC Verify Multi User. Make sure that the Request Directory is set to C:\MULTI.

4. Click on Initialize and wait for IC Verify to report DLL Successfully Initialized. Run Cash Register Express without exiting the IC Verify Multi User File Processor. Cash Register Express is now ready to work with IC Verify.

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