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Retail Store Software

Stores come in many shapes and sizes, offering a huge range of specialty merchandise available for purchase. Every item that can be purchased has a specialty store vending that product. Jewelry stores, baseball cards and collectables, grocers, the list goes on and on.

Make your responsibilities easier to manage
You have to manage finances, find the best suppliers, monitor shipping and inventory, control leakage, conduct fast and efficient transactions, track employee wages and benefits, and above all, you have to find ways to make a profit while keeping your customers happy.

What do customers hate most? Our research indicates that it’s a toss up between standing in line, and making a trip to a store only to find out that they don’t have the items that they wanted in stock. Our retail store software and POS systems are focused to reduce and eliminate these common grievances.

Faster transactions mean less line-ups
When you combine our retail store software and our POS systems, the average time for your transactions to be completed will be reduced considerably. Not only does this create the opportunity to turn over more sales in the business day, your customers leave satisfied because they didn’t have to wait as long. And that’s something that they’ll remember and it will keep them coming back to your store.

More Accurate Inventory Control
Our retail store software offers features that make inventory control so much easier to manage. Automated alerts let you know when supplies are running low, so that you can order them in advance, and not after you’ve received countless customer complaints because you don’t have what they came all this way to buy. Not only are these situations where potential sales opportunities are lost, the customer might never return to your store! Our retail store software makes sure that this doesn’t happen.

Track inventory for better sales forecasting
Track each item individually so that your inventory shipments will be more efficient. You have to pay to have your products hauled to your store, so why not make sure that you’re ordering exactly what you need. Place higher unit orders for merchandise that is flying off the shelves, and pull the reigns back on items that are sluggish. Why waste space in your stock room or warehouse for items that will do nothing but depreciate.

And finally, the tracking options record all inventory counts and transactions so that you can get a better understanding of your finances. Accounting is quicker and more accurate, and for tax purposes, our retail store software can be a real blessing. You can also discover discrepancies that may be caused by leakage, and take action to correct them before they put a major strain on your capital.

Our retail store software offers the potential for online sales, handling all issues such as payment, shipping, and duty when required. So if you would like the option to start making sales globally, our software will fit the bill.

To benefit from all of these features and more, contact the POS Software & Systems Group today and talk with one of our extremely knowledgeable sales representatives to find out which retail store software package would be right for you.

If you would like to learn more about our retail store software and POS systems, click here. To request a free systems quote, click here.



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