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Retail POS System

A retail POS system is the answer you have been looking for to improve the efficiency and profits of your business. Plus, it's simple to use and affordable, the two most important factors an entrepreneur must consider when considering making a big change in their operations.

Putting Technology to Work
The main difference between a retail POS system and the older non digital point of purchase cash registers is that retail POS systems are computerized and sand combine many more features. With your new system, you can track your inventory like never before. This is a key aspect for a successful enterprise.

A retail POS system will electronically track your entire inventory as you receive and sell goods. Using a portable scanner enables you to scan all items currently in stock, and input their prices and any other information you wish to have in your database. As you complete transactions, the computer automatically adjusts inventory levels enabling you to know exactly what you have in stock, and what you need to order. Your retail POS system can be set up to alert you when your inventory level has reached a critical number, allowing you to re-order on time ensuring quality service to your customers.

Staying on top of your customer needs, and knowing who your customers are can help you improve service, thus enticing them back to your establishment. A retail POS system enables you to input customer information, such as names, addresses, and zip codes or assign customer numbers. These then become searchable databases, allowing you to analyze where your customers are coming from, and their purchasing patterns. You may also print mailing lists, which means you can keep in touch with your customers.

System Security Features
If you would like to access this information on other workstations, or create a back-up list off-site, simply email the list to the desired location. This is one of several security features that a retail POS system offers as assurance that your business is ready for any unforeseen events. These systems can be configured to your needs. Login passwords, passwords for certain actions such as returns and exchanges, or changing prices at the POS can be set. Any of the above can be enabled or disabled as you desire.

These security features ensure that your employees are following protocol, but that's not the only way a retail POS system helps you supervise. The inventory control features mean that you are keeping exact numbers, and will know if an item was sold or not. Employees realize very quickly that they can easily be held accountable for any lost items, and are less likely to commit theft. Businesses using retail POS systems reported a 10% decrease in shrinkage after installation. It's simple; better control of your inventory equals higher profits.

The benefits of a retail POS system cannot be measured in dollar figures. Although the system will undoubtedly save you money, it will also help you organize your business and manage it with extreme accuracy. Contact our customer service professionals to learn just how affordable a retail POS system is, and how it will enable you to grow your business.

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