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Retail POS Software

If you run a retail business, you are aware of how competitive the industry is, and how important it is to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are still running your business without up to date retail POS software, you may be missing the many benefits automation creates for retail business.

The two most important pieces of your business success are cash intake, and your inventory. If you cannot keep track of these two things, your business will fail quickly. By implementing retail POS software into your business, you will see a great improvement in business efficiency. To upgrade to a computerized retail POS system, you do not need to purchase new equipment. In fact, software from POS Software and Systems Group may function on your existing PC.

Once you start using retail POS software, you will be an immediate improvement in time management. Because using automated services, especially if you use a barcode scanner, you will see an improvement of 50% time savings. This means customers are spending less time in line, and are leaving happier, not frustrated. As well, it enables your sales staff to spend less time checking out, and more time on the sales floor, assisting customers.

Inventory Management
Retail POS software can also enable you to keep a better hold on your inventory control. By using a digital scanner, you can scan every piece of product you have and it will immediately transfer to you product inventory software. This will do two things; first, it will make inventory control much quicker, saving you time and money, and second, it will allow you to track sales much easier.

By having the inventory software linked with your sales system, product levels will automatically change upon purchases. You can also set automatic inventory alerts, so when certain products drop below their set levels, alerts will inform you that it is time to re-order. This can keep customers from purchasing products from competitors because you ran out of stock.

Reduce Leakage
Using an automated retail POS software system will diminish your leakage. Our customers have reported 2-5% decrease in theft due to sophisticated inventory management. A typical retail business grossing sales of $400,000 a year would see a $10,000 savings in leakage and inventory theft. Not only will theft become less of an issue, but your employees will become more accountable.

Modern retail POS software from POS software and Systems Group is also compatible with most accounting programs, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. By integrating your sales direct with accounting, day and month end reports will be complete much faster, and much more accurately, giving you confidence in your sales and profits.

Running a retail business can be a difficult task, but POS Software and Systems Group can help make it easier, and more efficient. Integrating your inventory control with accounting and sales programs can mean organization, which in turn brings greater profits. Contact us here for a free trial run on our software systems.

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