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Retail Management System

Although a POS retail management system from the POS Software & Systems Group may look merely like a fancy cash register, we can assure you that the benefits of using one make most people wonder why anyone would stick with a plain old cash register.

Beyond merely the ability to complete sales using all major forms of payment, a proper retail management system covers every aspect of the retail world. Any piece of information that takes place in a sales transaction can be recorded and stored to help retailers in any way they see fit.

The benefits of using a retail management system are many
For example, many retailers who use a standard retail management system track their customer shopping patterns by taking down their phone numbers, creating a specific file in the system, and then entering that phone number whenever that customer makes a purchase. Everything that that customer buys gets stored in their customer file. This is beneficial to the retailer for many reasons.

By using the customer/client tracking features of a retail management system, the business efficiencies of the retailer are greatly increased. Through the information gathered on each specific customer you have an idea about what sort of products that those customers would be interested in.

In effect, this kind of data creates a mailing list of sorts. If you have an upcoming promotion, why not give the heads up to customers we would appreciate it? Because your retail management system stores all information unique to each individual customer, you can surmise what kind of promotions that they would be interested in. And because you have their contact information, you can let them know in advance. This shows your customers that you see them as individuals which is certain to build loyalty. Additionally, the heads up ensures that they don’t miss a promotion that they wouldn’t want to miss, another sure fire way to satisfy your customer and gain their loyalty.

In addition, all the information regarding each and every transaction is automatically stored in a customer file database and can be accessed should ever need to be. This is key in dealing with refunds and exchanges.

Every repeat customer is a valuable one. So in situations where a customer is trying to return something without a receipt, you want to avoid the unpleasantness that goes along with the situations. Just because your store policy may be not to allow refunds, exchanges, or store credit without a receipt doesn’t mean that the customer won’t get upset when their request is refused.

Inventory control, loss prevention, customer tracking and more!
On the one hand you don’t want to be ripped off, but on the other hand you don’t want to upset a regular customer in legitimate cases. Store policies exist to set a precedent, so the manner in which customers are treated doesn’t vary from day-to-day. And while the onus is on the customer to keep track of the receipts, sometimes they just get lost. Because our retail management system keeps track of every purchase a customer on file makes, those disputes can be resolved fairly. The item that they are returning will be stored in their file if it is legitimate.

Additionally a retail management system from the POS Software & Systems Group allows you to track your inventory quicker and more efficiently. The number of units of any items sold are tracked and stored in the system so that they can be tallied, and then compared to the totals at the start of the sales day so that you know in advance when you are running low on any given product.

A good retail management system also makes life easier for your staff. Most of our clients find that they are easier to use the most standard cash registers, and in addition cash-outs can be completed in no time as all sales from Visa, Interac, or any other major form of payment are automatically tallied individually and collectively. That means that there can be no human error in counting the accuracy, and no time needs be taken to count it.

And while there will be a period of adjustment when switching to a new retail management system, training your staff to use the new equipment is about as complicated as training them to use cash registers.

If you can already see the benefits of switching to retail management system from the POS Software & Systems Group, than we encourage you to contact us today.

If you would like to learn more about our retail management system by trying our free demo, click here, or contact us here for a system quote.



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