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Restaurant Pro Express

The first screen that appears when you run Restaurant Pro Express is the Log-in Screen. To log in to Restaurant Pro Express, enter your Server ID and Table #, then click on Enter or press . Click on Delete or press to backspace or click on Clear or press to clear the entire field.

File Menu

Several of the functions listed in the Restaurant Pro Express File menu have the same functionality in Cash Register Express. For more information on the following functions, see Chapter 1: Setting Up Cash Register Express: File.


Select Industry
Select Database Location
Compact & Repair Database
Check Database
Clear Database
Employee Maintenance
Change Passwords
Add Station
Enable Multiuser Edition
For more information on Setup Screen, see Chapter 1: Setting Up Cash Register Express: Setup Menu: Setup Screen.

Set Station ID

This function allows you to set station IDs for different stations once they have been created using Add Station. To access this function, select Set Station ID from the File menu. For more information on adding station IDs, see Chapter 1: Setting Up Cash Register Express: File Menu: Add Station.

Order Filling

This screen displays all orders sent to this Station ID as designated in the Printers tab of Inventory Maintenance. Each tile shows a different invoice and they are displayed in the order in which they were placed. When an order has been completed, click on No Order or the corresponding number or press ALT-# to remove it from the active orders.

View Main Invoice for More Options

This function allows you to view the Main Invoice screen for more setup options. These options include: adding inventory (See Chapter 2: Inventory Control), adding customers (See Chapter 3: Customer Control), and printing reports (See Chapter 5: Sales Information and Reports). To display the main invoice screen, select View Main Invoice for More Options from the File menu.

Invoice Screen

The Invoice Screen is where all of your daily invoicing will be done. Administration tasks such as Reports, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, and Inventory Control are performed in different screens. Select View Main Invoice for More Options from the File menu in the Log-In screen to access these functions. Further explanations on these functions can be found in earlier chapters.

Before you begin processing invoices, you must manually enter your inventory items into RPE. You may want to enter just a few items at first so you can get a feel of how the program works, and then progressively add more items. Refer to Chapter 2: Inventory Control for more information on adding inventory items. NOTE: For Restaurant Pro Express, all items MUST be entered into a department to appear on the Invoice Screen.

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