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Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POSThe restaurant industry is extremely competitive. Not only is food quality your main concern, but efficiency and speed are always a consideration. By installing the AccuPOS restaurant POS software application at your business, you will see an immediate increase in not only your staff's efficiency, but the overall profitability of your restaurant.

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Ordering inventory for a restaurant can be a very time consuming task. The AccuPOS Restaurant point of sale software gives you the ability to run an accurate inventory database with amazing ease. You will see greater efficiency by being able to set special inventory alerts. You can be notified when inventory is running low, or expiration dates are growing closer, saving your money on unnecessary re-orders. It is truly all here.

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Increase Ordering Efficiency
Speed plays a large factor in return business and increased profits. If your ordering and preparation takes longer than it should, customers will become unhappy and may reconsider a return visit. By installing restaurant POS software with touch screen technology, you increase server efficiency and order accuracy. Servers will spend less time writing out orders, and can instead, from anywhere in the building relay the order information to the kitchen via touch screen restaurant POS software. This enables staff to take more orders, and spend more time assisting customers.

Organize Accounting
Your goal in business is increased profits. Accurate accounting can help you reach that goal. Restaurant POS software from POS Software and Systems Group enables you to directly integrate your accounting programs, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree with your restaurant POS software. Due to this integration, you can have up to the minute sales and profit figures, as well as create forecasts and monitor patterns related to your current sales. Direct integration enables you to create accurate day and month end reports in a matter of minutes.

Managing staff can be a difficult task. POS Software and Systems Group integrated an employee management section into your restaurant POS software. With features such as employee scheduling, time clock, wage calculator, gross pay reporting, and even event scheduling, you have everything you need to run a full payroll from your office.

Reduce Leakage
Integrating digital restaurant POS software into your business can save you thousands of dollars a year in theft. Businesses have reported a 2-5% drop in in-store theft upon installing restaurant POS software. A business that has sales of $400,000 a year can save up to $10,000 on in-store leakage due to digital POS and inventory tracking systems. A digital restaurant POS software system increases employee accountability.

The restaurant business can be rewarding if your business is running efficiently. Contact our customer service professional to find out how our restaurant POS software can increase your businesses efficiency, and grow your profits.

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