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POS for AndroidAccuPOS Point Of Sale has come to Android! Whether you're using a tablet or mobile phone, the AccuPOS Android app is easy to install and use. This product was designed for restaurant table servers that carry their own cash, and enables high speed order transfer to your cooking staff so you can ensure quick service and table turnover.

Affordable Pricing
TheAccuPOS Point of Sale system is a full featured solution that is ideal for whatever type of restaurant you manage. That means take out and delivery, fast food, self-serve, buffet or coffee shop, or fine dining, nightclubs, bars and country clubs. We work with you to create the most affordable solution that provides you with the kind of efficiency you expect from a POS software solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some of our bundles or call the toll free number above.

Superior Customer Retention Features
Customer satisfaction is the key to increasing your profits. AccuPOS Point Of Sale for Restaurants was designed with this in mind, and includes features like guest tracking, detail order histories, contact management and automated delivery addresses on to-go-receipts. The system is incredibly easy to use and learn, and offers the ability to use gift and loyalty cards. Your customers won't want to eat anywhere else!

Diverse Hardware Options
Simply put, the AccuPOS restaurant POS software system is designed to perform with the best quality hardware on the point of sale market. So, whether you require customer pole displays, remote printers for prep areas, thermal receipt printers, paperless signature pads, credit card swipe machines, touchscreen monitors, customer pole displays or pretty much anything you can think of, we've got it. AccuPOS was developed to easily integrate any POS equipment available today.

Simple To Use
You don't have time to train an employee on your POS system, and with AccuPOS, there is really no need. The AccuPOS Point Of Sale interface is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing users to master it in minutes.

Complete PCI Compliance
By working seamlessly between you and your credit card processor, AccuPOS point of sale offers PCI compliance, a key security measure for all restaurant transactions. With PCI compliance, all cardholder data is safely encrypted, so you can be assured of your customer safety.

Complete Accounting Integration
By integrating the point of sale into major accounting packages, AccuPOS Point Of Sale enables you to save time and gain efficiency unlike most other POS applications. Easily connect your POS with accounting, your time sheets, inventory and other items - there is never a need to re-enter data by hand. Plus, you can easily run transactions and orders remotely using either remote accounting software or third party plug-ins. It's a feature our restaurant clients love.

Wireless Device Support
Quick service is something every restaurant customer appreciates. With this in mind, AccuPOS Point Of Sale for Android handheld devices was created. With this module, restaurant order taking time is cut dramatically, and there is never confusion. In fact, if you need to split the orders to different prep areas, this can be done automatically so that, as an example, food orders go to the kitchen while drink orders go to the bar.

Web Reporting Features
Tracking food and beverage sales is critical for any restaurant. With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, sales data analysis can be approached from a variety of time periods to ensure you have a bird's eye view of your business. Also, AccuPOS enables you to access your reports from anywhere in the world with just a simple internet password. All of your information, whether you need it from single or multiple locations, is available at your fingertips.

AccuSHIFT Time Clock

Tracking restaurant employee time and attendance is done simply and securely with AccuSHIFT. From there, all information is integrated into your accounting timesheets so that no duplicate data entry is necessary. Easily make corrections, add employee files and view timesheets from wherever. For additional convenience and security, we also offer customized swipe cards.

The above information describes just a portion of what restaurant POS software can do for your business. We encourage you to download a trial version of our software, or contact our customer service representatives to find our how our restaurant POS systems can increase your profits, not just your potential.

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