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Restaurant Point Of Sale

The restaurant industry is extremely competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, you not only need a good product, but you need fast, efficient service. Installing restaurant point of sale equipment into your business with features such as a touch screen, inventory management, and employee management increase efficiency, and help your business grow profits.

Accurate Accounting
Precise bookkeeping is the basis of accurate financial records. Our restaurant point of sales software enables for integration with many accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. Because your accounting software is linked to your sales terminal, all sales and financial data will be up to date and accurate. With the touch of a button, you can print out reports and sales figures from any restaurant point of sale terminal. More organized books mean you spend less time dealing with tedious accounting activities.

As a restauranteur, you realize how important your customers are to your business. In fact, they are your business. You want your staff helping customers as much as possible, providing outstanding service. You also want to ensure orders are taking promptly and relayed accurately. By using restaurant point of sale equipment with touch screen technology, you are able to cut down order time by 50%, and ensure orders are relayed accurately as well.

Inventory management is a crucial part of business success. Manual inventory counts can be tedious and costly, but do need to be completed. By using restaurant point of sale software with inventory management features, you are able to create a database of your inventory. This enables you to associate any information you like with each item, such as purchase date or expiration date.

Customized Alerts
Re-ordering is a difficult task in the restaurant business. You never want to run out of an item, but if you re-order too soon, you will have a surplus. Our restaurant point of sale software with inventory management allows you to set alerts for special inventory situations. If a certain product is running low and needs re-ordering, or if a particular product's expiration date is coming close. Proper inventory management means the difference between profit and loss.

Businesses that use restaurant point of sale software have reported up to a 10% decrease in leakage after installation. Having a digital record of all transactions, and who made them, as well as a documented inventory database increases accountability, and ensures an easier way to investigate loss.

You are able to keep your system as secure as you need it as well. Our software enables you to set passwords for any feature you like. A standard password upon login can be set, as well as passwords to change prices, or give discounts. This ensures that discounts are not given out all the time, and have the consent of a manager.

Hundreds of restaurants open and close each year. We want to ensure yours will be around for a long time. Contact our customer service representative to find out how our restaurant point of sale equipment can increase profits and efficiencies in your business.

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