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Reporting Screen

Cash Register Express offers you the ability to generate a wide variety of reports. The following are brief descriptions of all the reports. Many of the reports require parameters in order to run them, such as a date range, and most of the reports can be displayed on the screen and then printed from there. Some reports can only be printed to receipt printers.

To access this screen, select Reporting Screen from the Tools menu (Modern) or Reports menu (Traditional) in the Invoice Screen menu bar or press in the Invoice Screen. Once a report is selected and the parameters are entered, click on Display or press to view the report. Click on Print or press to print the report. To exit without generating a report, click on Exit or press .

Invoice Totals Report

This report prints detailed information from invoice processing. You can view an Invoice Totals Report for all cashiers or for a specific cashier. You can also choose to view either complete, on hold, or voided invoices. You can select any date range you wish. To view a single day, use the same start and end date.

The report displays the following information about an invoice: Date/Time, Invoice Number, Customer Number, Cashier ID, Payment Method, Total Cost, Total Price, Tax, Grand Total, and Gross Profit. It also displays the total number of invoices processed and the grand totals. To view this report, select Invoice Totals Report from the Reporting Screen.

Invoice Totals by Customer

This report displays all invoices in a given date range. It is sorted by customer last name. To view a single day, use the same start and end date. The report displays the following information about an invoice: Customer Last Name, Customer First Name, Invoice Number, Date/Time, Customer Number, Total Price, and Grand Total. It also displays the total of all invoices in the specified date range for each customer and a grand total of all invoices. To view this report, select Invoice Totals by Customer from the Reporting Screen.

Grand Totals by Payment Method

This report breaks down the invoices by their payment methods. To view this report, select Grand Totals by Payment Method from the Reporting Screen.

Daily Totals

This report is a summary of all the invoices for all cashiers for the specified date. This report will print on a standard receipt printer. To print this report, select Daily Totals from the Reporting Screen.

Detailed Daily Report

The Detailed Daily Report (DDR) lists the sales totals for the day on a receipt printer. You can also get a breakdown by payment type, accounts receivable payment type, department, or item, and you can choose to print for all cashiers or for a particular cashier. You can also choose Include Costs if you have an 80 column printer. This will print the cost, extended cost, gross margin, and gross margin %. You may also choose to List Vendor Payouts on the DDR (see Chapter 6: CRE Tools: Tools Menu: Vendor Payouts for more information on this feature).

The Z-Out feature can only be used when the DDR is printed for an individual cashier. When this option is selected, CRE will record the time and date of when you printed the report for that particular cashier. When you next print that cashier's DDR, CRE will default the start date and time to whenever you last printed the report. The end date and time will default to the current date and time. This ensures that you will always print the Z-Out for the last shift of information, with no overlap.

To print this report, select Detailed Daily Report from the Reporting Screen, select the desired cashiers, date, and breakdown, and then click on Print or press . Click on Exit or press to exit without printing the report.

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