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Rental Software

With rental software solutions from the POS Software & Systems Group, rental companies have access to a wide range of industry specific tools to cut down on the time it takes to complete their daily tasks, while at the same time maximizing their efficiency.

Perfect for small to medium sized companies, who specialize in the rental industry.

Our rental software can be customized to fit the specific needs of rental companies of all kinds, from businesses that deal in movies all the way heavy equipment leasing companies, you can alter our software to handle a wide range of industry specific information.

Booking made easy
Booking rentals and pick-up appointments, scheduling, processing transactions and invoices is all handled and simplified by our complete POS system and rental software package. All financial matters of your business can be made to take less time, while being more thorough and complete than ever. And that carries over to tax information.

The comprehensive tracking features accurately measure rental periods, calculate interest on items returned late, and can be set to provide automated reminders. With an automated telephony device, you can automatically set calls to remind customers that items are past due without disrupting your staff from other duties.

Inventory control
Hand scanners can give you accurate inventory counts, and notes regarding such items as maintenance can be added with ease, so that information can available for anyone who needs it. Touch screen user interface makes transactions run quicker, and automated transaction history keeps a comprehensive analysis of everything from your inventory to each individual sale.

With this information, you can get the heads up on which of your products are in the highest demand. The last thing that you want to do is have a customer looking to rent, say a cargo van with specific storage capacities in mind. If you are unable to provide that service, or force them to choose a product that isn’t ideal for them, that’s going to stand out in their memory, and make them decide to go to your competitors in the future.

If that same person is involved in a larger corporation, you can guarantee that you lose the potential to bring in major client account. Unsatisfied customers aren’t as helpless as many people seem to believe. If they come across an opportunity to get back at you, they will.

Avoid possible losses of revenue such as this, by using the data provided by our rental software POS system. Get a better idea of the demand, to make sure that you can supply.

The POS Software & Systems Group has been at the helm developing POS system solutions for industries of all kinds for over 10 years. Our POS systems, hand scanners, and rental software packages are designed to meet the needs of rental businesses based on almost 10 years of study and research.

If your company is looking to implement a POS system to save time and money, make your customers happier, and increase the overall output of your company, then contact us today and ask what our rental software can do for you.

If you would like to learn more about our POS systems & rental software applications, click here. To request a free systems quote, click here.



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