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QuickBooks Point of Sale

Attention to detail can mean the difference between profit and loss. Modern technology is making for a much more competitive market, and to stay in the running, you need to ensure the efficiency of your business. Adopting a QuickBooks-ready point of sale display terminal offers the ability to better manage and control your business with a very small learning curve.

Increased Staff Efficiency
As a retailer, you understand how crucial your staff's efficiency is to your business. Maximizing the amount of time your staff is on the sales floor is important. By implementing a QuickBooks-ready point of sale system with cash drawer and barcode scanner, your efficiency will increase by up to 50%. By decreasing checkout time, you will enable your staff to spend more time where you need them, assisting customers.

Studies have shown that customers become impatient upon having to wait in line longer than 3 minutes. By increasing your checkout efficiencies, you ensure your customer's satisfaction, and increase the return customer percentage rates.

Integrated Accounting Systems
Your goal in business is profits. Proper bookkeeping can help you reach this goal. Our point of sale display terminals is fully compatible with many accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. This integration with the sales terminal means you will have up to the minute accurate financial figures and makes day and month end reporting fast, and accurate.

Manual inventory counts are a non-efficient method to collect inventory data, but need to be done. Keeping precise inventory counts can mean the difference between profit and loss. Using our QuickBooks-compatible point of sale software with inventory tracking, you can simply scan inventory with a portable scanner and input your entire product lines into the inventory data base accurately, and cost-effectively. Since the inventory system is integrated with the cash drawer, every transaction that takes place will modify the inventory counts, giving you a real time inventory database.

Retailers are constantly fighting shrinkage. Businesses using QuickBooks point of sale software have reported up to a 10% decrease in leakage upon installation of their system. Consider this: a small business with $400,000 in sales a year can save up to $10,000 per year in in-store shrinkage, which means increase profits. Having a digital record of all transaction coupled with inventory management keeps your employees accountable as well.

Our QuickBooks point of sale software also enables you to create and maintain customer databases. This information, while keeping track of sales and transactions, also enables you to create an efficient marketing method, to send mailers and marketing materials.

We understand that retail is a competitive industry. Contact our customer services experts to find out how out point of sale display terminal can increase your efficiency, and improve your profits without a headache.

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