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Printers To access the Printers page, click on the Printers tab or press .

This function allows you to select which printer(s) an item will print on and/or which monitor(s) an item will be displayed on. For example, if a customer orders a Coke and a hamburger, you can print the soda order at the bar at COM1 and the hamburger at the grill at COM2.

Add Monitor: Use this button to send an item to a monitor at a specified Station ID instead of (or in addition to) a printer. The order can then be displayed on the selected station by choosing Order Filling from the File menu on the Restaurant Pro Express Login Screen.

Add LPT Port: Use this button to select an LPT port for the item.

Add COM Port: Use this button to select a COM port for the item.

Add Port Address: Use this button to specify a networked port address (ex: //server/hp4000) for an item. This allows for much greater flexibility in printer placement and setup for restaurant environments.

Remove Port: Use this button to remove a networked port address from the list of printers. NOTE: You can choose to print to any printer that is setup on your system, including local and network printers. Even if you don't choose a printer, a receipt will print to the default printer if Print Invoices is set to YES in the Setup screen.

Sales History
To access the Sales History page, click on the Sales History tab or press .

This screen displays all of the invoices on which the selected item was sold. It displays the Invoice Number, Date, Time, Customer Number, Quantity, Cost, and Price.

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