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POS Hardware

In business, detail is everything. If you are not using POS hardware, your businesses is not running as efficiently as possible. Each year, hundreds of people put their trust in POS Software and Systems Group to provide them with POS hardware. You can too. With features such as employee management, inventory tracking, touch screen technology and integrated accounting, your business will see profit growth in no time.

Your goal in business is profits. Accurate accounting can help you meet these goals efficiently. The POS hardware offered by POS Software and Systems Group is fully compatible with most accounting programs, including Peachtree and QuickBooks. Having your books integrated with your digital POS hardware means you will have all financial and sales figures at your finger tips in real time. Day and month end reports will be more accurate. The more organized your books are, the less time you spend performing tedious accounting duties.

As a retailer, you do understand how important your staff is to your success. You should have your staff on the sales floor as much as possible, assisting customers. POS hardware like POSSG can offer you a complete POS system, including a cash drawer and barcode scanner. An electronic system offers many benefits, including decreased checkout times by up to 50%. This enables your staff to spend less time at the checkout and more time where you need them.

Marketing surveys show consumers become agitated upon waiting in line longer than 3 minutes; from start to finish. POS hardware increases the efficiency of your checkout process, enabling customers to leave pleased.

Inventory Management
Keeping a precise inventory count can mean the difference between profit and loss. A manual inventory count can be both time consuming, and costly. By using POS hardware such as a digital scanner, and inventory management software, you can have a quick accurate count of your entire product. Since your inventory database is integrated with your cash drawer, each transaction will modify your inventory count automatically.

For retailers, shrinkage is an everyday battle. Business owners using POS hardware have reported up to a 10% decrease in theft and leakage. In fact, experience shows that a small business with sales of approximately $400,000 a year can reduce in-store leakage by $10,000 dollars. Not only does POS hardware keep your customers honest, it keeps employees accountable.

In retail, your shelf space is your number one profit generator. POS hardware from POS Software and Systems Group enables you to set special alerts regarding your inventory control. Alerts for diminished product, seasonal change and even irregular purchase patterns can improve profit outlooks.

Customer service representatives at POS Software and Systems Group can assist you in putting together a POS hardware system to improve profits and boots efficiencies.

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