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POS Equipment

The point of sale (POS) is a crucial area for your retail business. It is the last chance you have to impress your customers, and ensure they leave satisfied. Your POS equipment can be so much more than just a cash register. Installing electronic POS equipment will improve the overall functioning of your establishment. It can help manage your inventory and your employees, as well as cutting back on the time you spend on administrative tasks. Your overall point of purchase system can accomplish many feats, but most of all, your retail operation will become more efficient with this installation.

A Solution for all Types of Retail
Inventory control and management is crucial to any sized company. If you are a small establishment, too much inventory will take up valuable shelf space that could be used for more profitable or faster-selling items. Chances are, your warehouse space is limited, which means you need to be on top on your stock at all times. What has gone out and what needs to come in becomes a daily preoccupation.

A POS system can make this task considerably less time-consuming. Once your system is installed, and using a portable scanner, you simple scan all your current stock and your computer system has a full and detailed list of your goods. The system can then be easily programmed to alert you when your stock has reached a level of your choosing, giving you plenty of time to order products. Also, you may choose to print out detailed inventory status reports at any time and of any variety; daily, weekly or monthly reports are possible. These reports can be arranged to your liking, showing you only the information you need, such as when the stock was sold, by whom, etc.

Operating a large retail outlet can unfortunately sometimes lead to a lack of loyalty from your employees, and this can result in damaging theft. This shrinkage can account for large amounts of lost revenue and it is often difficult to catch or prove. When you install POS equipment, your employees will quickly become aware of how well the system monitors the arrival and sale of inventory. Your employees become immediately more accountable for the merchandise they are selling. Certain companies using POS equipment reported a 10% decrease in shrinkage after installation. That 10% translates into real profits; if your company grosses $500,000 a year, these systems can realistically save you $50,000 annually.

Installing POS equipment is the first step towards streamlining many of your administrative tasks. Our POS software is compatible with QuickBooks and Peachtree, to name a few. Your computer will automatically input your inventory and employee information directly into your accounting program. POS systems are easily integrated to work with many programs and email applications, which effectually reduces your administrative duties. Employee scheduling and wages can also be inputted, and salaries are they automatically calculated as they clock in and out.

POS systems are revolutionizing the way sales are completed, and the list of their advantages goes on and on, crossing into areas such as accounting, inventory control, employee tracking and reports. Ask us how POS equipment can be installed into your retail operations, and how soon you can begin reaping the financial and organizational benefits.

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