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POS Display

Leading retailers are learning that POS displays can increase a company's effectiveness tenfold, and not just in the way sales are actually completed, but also in the areas of inventory, shrinkage control and employee management.

Revolutionizing Retail
The first advantage when working with POS displays is service to the customer during the final transaction. Gone are the days of push-button tills and manual price-checks and discounts. POS displays are now fully computerized, which means that all transactions can be entered into the computer, and specials brought up automatically when an item is scanned at the time of purchase. This new efficiency can diminish checkout times by 50%.

Transition from your current system to a system using POS displays is not complicated. When your new system arrives, you simply scan all your existing stock into the machine, along with pricing information. When receiving new inventory, scanning with a portable scanner keeps your inventory database up to date. Your system now has all the information it needs to compute quantity discounts, sales and promotional items.

One of the most timesaving features of our POS displays is that as you complete transactions, the system is keeping track of your stock. You will always know how many items remain, increasing your control over inventory and personnel. Because the system updates itself every time a transaction is made, you may, at any time, view or print a report on your sales, returns, exchanges or total inventory.

Your POS display system can be easily programmed to alert you when a product numbers drop below a preset level, ensuring that you will always have sufficient stock. Inventory control and shelf space are critical when operating a retail business. If your shelves are full of out-dated inventory or half-empty, you may be losing profits or not satisfying the needs of your customers. These alerts will warn you when it's time to re-order, or start the shift of seasonal items. They even enable you to recognize irregular purchase patterns on particular items.

Employee Accountability
Because your POS system is so accurate, your employees will be held more accountable. Any leakage or employee theft will become quite apparent, meaning you can detect which employees are not following protocol, and discipline according. As a retailer, you realize how important your employees are to your success, and keeping them accountable is important to your profit growth. This is truly an invaluable advantage.

POS displays increase paperwork and calculation efficiencies regarding employee scheduling, clocking in and out, as well as payroll accounting. These employee management features are all included in your system and are interdependent, which means the computer will take care of wage calculations, and totaling up hours worked. All an employee has to do is clock in and clock out, and your POS display system will take care of the rest, increasing accounting efficiencies.

POS displays are literally changing the way the retail industry does business, by freeing up time to better manage your store, and increasing your profits. These systems are impressively affordable, and an essential for an efficiently run company. The above-mentioned advantages are just the beginning; contact our customer service professionals to discover how a POS displays system can revolutionize the way your run your business.

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