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Point Of Sales (POS)

Point Of Sales Systems PhotoIt's a known fact - one of the best investments an expanding or startup retailer can make in its business is a solid retail technology foundation, with a focus on Point Of Sales.

Known mainly in the industry as "point of sale equipment" or point of purchase, adding a POS system to your business adds new efficiencies and cuts accounting time, making a truly discernable difference in your shop's productivity. No longer is the simple LCD cash register good enough for today's retailer - the environment is simply too competitive. Having superior Point Of Sales options is what POS Software & Systems Group is all about.

Efficiencies - Now

Adopting computerized point of sales systems in your retail business offers a number of productivity boosts that your competitors are likely taking advantage of right now.

Using bar code scanners, as an example, along with built in inventory control software (two products POS Software & Systems Group has provided to our customers since we first established), ensures that not only are your customers served faster - with dramatically shorter transaction times at the point of sale - but also that your inventory is automatically adjusted. This ability also offers a number of benefits, including shrinkage prevention and easy inventory audits.

POS Software & Systems Group point of sales software offers the ability to integrate with popular small business accounting systems such as PeachTree, QuickBooks and BusinessWorks, which offers one key advantage - time savings. No longer is it necessary to re-enter individual transactions into your accounting system, instead, with our point of sales system you can easily update transactions either in real time or in batches, for a truly seamless point of sale experience.

Tracking transactions is also made easier, as the automatic entry ensures that your retail sales are precise, and that no transactions are missed due to human error. In the end, this means you can count on your inventory numbers to be correct.

A Sign Of Quality

A computerized point of sales system featuring either touchscreen or scanners also offers a level of prestige that many of our customers do not expect. The digital cash register, still in use among many small North American retailers, is now stigmatized as a tool of the unsuccessful retailer.

The credibility added with a computerized point of sale is not to be underestimated - it signifies not only a professional approach, but a level of retailing prestige which is simple not available with older non-personalized cash register systems. Basically, running a dynamic point of sale system not only puts you ahead of your competition, it also puts you into the class of successful US retailers that consumers trust. Can your business succeed without this edge?

Small Investment, Real Rewards

Adopting an electronic point of sales system into your retail environment is a surprisingly small investment considering its effect on productivity. No longer will your customers have to suffer the lineups created with manual receipts, and no longer will you have to suffer the monotony of re-entering transactions into your accounting system. Operating our POS software system is incredibly easy as well, and requires very little training to get started. In fact, we can help you get started today.

Free Demo

With the AccuPOS point of sales software system, you can get started immediately. We offer a free demo of this software to all qualifying North American retailers looking for an edge in their retailing environment. The software is completely Windows based, meaning you can try our demo often within 5 minutes of downloading it. All that we request is that you fill in a form, and try it for yourself.

Click here to try our electronic point of sales system for yourself.

Contact us about customizing a point of sales system for you here.

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