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Point Of Purchase (POP)

Point Of Sales Systems Photo POS Software & Systems Group has specialized in point of purchase software and systems since we first established over 15 years ago. As those years have passed, the advantages of adopting a digital point of purchase system have increased markedly, while overall hardware costs have decreased.

The result is that today's retailer is at a true disadvantage with older non-computerized cash registers. Adopting digital point of purchase software systems is now simply the industry standard - and POS Software & Systems Group is here to ensure your business stays ahead.

Minimizing Transaction Costs

Just as the old saying goes, time is in fact money. And adopting point of purchase systems based around the PC can save an amazing amount of time per transaction. This is particularly the case in stores which typically sell more than two items per sale. With the help of a bar code scanner, your computerized point of purchase system enables you to serve up to three times the number of customers possible with LED based cash registers or manually written receipts. This means your employees can spend more time making sales and less time transacting them. The resulting revenues are noticeable almost immediately for most mid-high volume retailers.

Eliminating Shrinkage

What many retailers new to electronic point of purchase do not know is that by computerizing their transactions, shrinkage can be virtually eliminated. In fact, by teaming a POS Software & Systems Group point of purchase system with our inventory control software, you can ensure your inventory and stock levels are precisely tabulated at all times. Our customers have found that just by adopting this system, and informing employees of the situation, not only does employee shrinkage decrease, it also makes employees more aware of customer shrinkage. The results have shown to be extremely important to our customers' bottom lines, with shrinkage being decreased anywhere from 20-100% on an annual basis.

A Symbol Of Quality

Industry surveys have shown that adopting a computerized point of purchase system is a lot more important to your retail brand image than many people would expect. With the general prominence of point of sale software and electronic cash register components in today's retail environment, consumers have grown to expect a digital transaction system in the stores they frequent.

Meanwhile, the older LED style cash registers and manual receipts have taken on a stigma of low quality - a stigma that no retailer in today's environment can afford. Going digital adds that extra level of professionalism that ensures your customers come back - and positions your shop well against behemoths such as Walmart and today's larger retailers.

Free Point Of Purchase Software Demo

One of the main objections to computerizing the point of purchase environment thus far has been the fear of expensive training in order to properly adopt such systems. With POS Software & Systems Group's AccuPOS product, these fears are misguided. Our system was created specifically with ease of use in mind. The fact is, if you can use a Windows based computer, you can use our retail software with little or no training. We back this claim up with a free demo offer. By trying the system yourself (no special hardware is required - this point of purchase system installs on any Windows PC), you will see just how simple converting your store will be.

Simply click here to apply for a free point of purchase demo.

Or click here to contact us about customizing a solution for your retail environment. With POS Software & Systems Group, we can have your point of purchase environment automated quickly and efficiently, ensuring your store is as profitable as it can be.

Click here to try our electronic point of sales system for yourself.

Contact us about customizing a point of sales system for you here.

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