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Point of Sale System

When you decide to install a new point of sale system there are some equipment requirements you must meet. The best software providers also provide their customers with extensive training, and may even help you with the transfer of information from one source to another. It is a good idea to consult with one of our sales specialist to determine the solution that best matches your retail needs.

Your point of sale system solution should include some basic point of purchase peripherals such as a scanner, a display unit, a keyboard, and credit card and check reading equipment. As far as the software itself, you will need some sort of communication method. This is typically an internet-based solution or something called a "batch data collection" system. The latter gathers information from portable devices and transfers it to the host computer through a cable connection.

Not Just a Cash Terminal
A point of sale system is so much more than a fancy cash register. The benefits you receive from integrating a point of sale system into your businesses are several. Along with handling transactions, you will have a new grip on your inventory as well. When you combine an electronic scanner with your point of sale system, you can virtually point and click your existing inventory, and current numbers will be transferred to your inventory control database. This new inventory control can assist with reorders, product tracking, and will drastically lessen leakage in your company. Statistics show that companies moving towards an automated inventory control system experience loss savings of between 2-5%.

Software Compatibility
When searching for a point of sale system, you should be aware that there is software out there that allows you to integrate with your current bookkeeping methods. Assure that your point of sale system is compatible with accounting programs suck as QuickBooks. This will facilitate day and month end reports, and will allow you to, on demand, print out financial reports and any financial information immediately.

All totaling will be done by your retail pos system, in combination with your accounting software, making manual cash outs a thing of the past. Verifying totals, both credit card and cash are all you will have to worry about. A point of sale system will also offer you employee tracking and management. You will be able to create schedules and monitor employee's hours, and even track payments.

Integrating a point of sale system into your existing business may seem like a bit of work, but when all is said and done, the benefits of an automated system as opposed to a manual system are much higher. By using a point of sale system in your business, you enable your employees to concentrate on what matters most, customer assistance, rather than entering transactions. Discover how your company can benefit from a point of sale system. Contact us here for a free software demonstration.

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