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Log-in Screen

The first screen that appears when you run Cash Register Express is the Log-in Screen. To log in to Cash Register Express, type in the password for the shown cashier ID, then press <ENTER> or click on Login.

To log in as the administrator, type in the administrator password under any Cashier ID. To log in as a cashier under a different cashier ID, type in the desired ID in the Cashier ID field, then enter that cashier's password. You may only change Cashier IDs if you have manually added in the ID through the File menu.

This option is enabled in both the single and multi-user versions. The multi-user version of CRE allows for multiple cash register stations. When logging in, enter in your station ID as well as your cashier ID and password. You may only change Station IDs if you have a registered multi-user version of CRE and you have manually added in the Station ID through Add Station in the File menu.

The default Administrator Password is: Admin
The default Cashier Password is: Cashier

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