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Invoicing Software

If you run a small corner shop, or are a manager within a retail conglomerate, countless decisions have to be made that could greatly determine the future growth of your business.

Deciding on your best invoicing strategy isn’t one of them, (or at least it shouldn’t be). But we can say this. If price is a factor, then you’ll want to avoid custom made invoicing, which can get quite expensive. At that point you’re left with two options. Buying generic invoicing pads, or purchasing invoicing software from a vendor like the POS Software & Systems Group.

Generic invoicing pads are cheap and get the job done, but invoicing software from the POS Software & Systems Group save you money in the long run. Generic invoicing pads run out and need to be replaced, and you have to keep an eye on your stock. If you happen to run out during the business day, think about how unprofessional that looks. With our invoicing software as long as you have printer paper and ink, you’ll always have invoices. So creating invoices with our invoicing software works out to be cheaper than constantly buying new invoice pads.

Show your customers a little flourish
In addition, using invoicing software from the POS Software & Systems Group shows your customers that you have pride and confidence in your business. Our invoicing software gives you complete control over the look of your invoices. Choose your favorite font, size, color, or add stylized slogans or your company logo. Invoices with a little bit of flair will stand out and studies show that little things like that will make a customer more likely to think of your business when it comes to their future purchasing needs.

In addition to just having complete control over the look of your invoices, never having to worry about running out of them, and saving money in the long run, there’s also the matter of invoice tracking.

Invoicing Software & Inventory Tracking
By tracking invoices for merchandise received, and subsequent sale of that merchandise, our comprehensive invoicing software tracker can be used to effectively control inventory. Reports can be run based on store, department, method of payment, date, specific merchandise or in total.

Never lose a revenue opportunity again, and you can focus on exploiting areas where revenue is prosperous. With the tracking system on our invoicing software you can find out which areas of merchandise are in high demand, giving you a better idea of how much you should order. It also let’s you know which slow sellers should be cut down when it comes time to reorder.

Speed the payment process up considerably
If you conduct business online, then our invoicing software is made for you. Email invoices, with the option of .pdf format security, will ensure that these transactions can be handled faster and more efficiently.

Easy to use
Create any number of customized invoices and have them ready to go at the click of a button. Both the invoice creation process and invoice tracker are extremely easy to use. Based on the intuitive design of the Microsoft Office Suite utilities, our invoicing software you and your staff will be able to pick it up in no time.

We hope that we have fully demonstrated and convinced you that our invoicing software beats invoice pads hands down! And if you are interested in learning more about our invoicing software, contact us today! You’ll not only be amazed at what our invoicing software can do, but how much more profitable it will allow your business to be when used in conjunction with any one of our POS systems. Contact the POS Software & Systems Group today!

If you would like to learn more about our invoicing software, or about of full line of POS solutions, click here. If you would like to request a free demo of our product, click here.



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