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The Invoice Screen


Modern Invoice Screen


Traditional Invoice Screen

Tip: Cash Register Express works with or without a mouse. You can access every aspect of Cash Register Express using an ordinary keyboard.

After successfully entering your password, you will enter the Invoice Screen. Everything you will need to do in CRE works from this one screen. Every aspect of Cash Register Express works with or without a mouse. You can move around the entire screen using either <TAB> or any of the numerous <ALT> shortcut keys. You can bring up additional Cash Register Express screens using the <CTRL> shortcut keys. Any underlined letters on the screen are <ALT> shortcut keys. For
example, look at the word Setup in the menu bar. You can access Setup either by clicking your mouse on the word Setup or by pressing the <ALT-U> shortcut keys (press <ALT> and U simultaneously).

You can also use <TAB> to go from one section of the screen to another. Press <SHIFT> and <TAB> simultaneously to go backwards. For details on the Invoice Screen, see Chapter 4: Creating Invoices.

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