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Inventory Tracking

If you are running a retail business, you are aware how important inventory tracking can be to your situation. If you do not have a firm grasp on your product levels, you could be losing thousands of dollars per year, and not even realize it.

Inventory tracking software is very simple to implement into your system, and can make your staff and business much more efficient. Before, inventory counts needed to be done by hand and could take numerous hours to complete. With new digital scanners, you simply scan barcodes on your products and you get a live, updated count of your product, relayed directly to your inventory tracking and POS software.

Digital Inventory Tracking System
Moving to a digital inventory tracking system will not only save time, but will create profits as well. Studies show that an average retail business with sales of approximately $400,000 can reduce in store leakage by up to $10,000. Because digital inventory tracking allows you to better monitor your product, employees will become more accountable. As well, many customers of POS Software and Systems Group have reported a 2-5% drop in theft rates, again allowing for more profitability.

Inventory tracking can also enable you to better organize your re-order planning. By setting inventory levels, you will be notified if a certain product needs re-ordering, and eliminate ever selling out and forcing customers to shop elsewhere.

Being able to link your inventory tracking software with your sales and accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree, can greatly improve accounting efficiencies as well. By having daily sales relayed immediately to your accounting books, you will always have up to date sales and profit information, enabling you to complete day and month end reports quickly and easily.

You staff will notice a difference after implementing a digital retail POS system with inventory tracking software. By using a barcode scanner, and automated POS software, checkout times are cut down by up to 50%, saving customer's time, and allowing your sales staff to spend less time checking out, and more time assisting with sales, increasing sales efficiencies.

Marketing Database
You probably also know how important marketing can be in the retail industry. Without a solid customer base, and properly placed marketing strategy, you are not realizing your full profit potential. POS Software and Systems Group's software allows you to easily create and maintain a database of current and past customers. This will enable you to search purchases or names, and even create mailing lists, bringing in more sales.

Without inventory tracking software, and POS accounting and sales systems, your business may be losing profit potential each day, and you are not running as efficiently as you could be. Contact our sales representatives to find how we can help maximize your profits.

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