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Inventory software

By using inventory software available from the POS Software & Systems Group, you will discover how easy inventory control and invoicing can be. Inventory counts and shipment orders can be handled in less time allowing you to invest more of your billable hours toward your customers. This can give your company a crucial jump over your competition and there is no need to mention how valuable that can be.

The POS Software & Systems Group has been developing POS systems and inventory software for over a decade and we continue to build upon the reliability of our products. Our researchers, programmers and developers are thorough, attempting to cover every angle and then some. The final product offers you the ability to create invoices in no time, tracks customer details, and offer is quick access to all inventory stock details.

Inventory Software can also be used for market rsearch and more!
Our inventory software offers extensive database capabilities, and is completely user-friendly. By taking advantage of its fully customizable database features, you can create unique customer files and track their purchasing habits.

This amounts to having your own CRM program (Customer Relationship Management) in addition to the basic features of the inventory software. Each purchase that every individual customer makes you can be tracked so that you can study their purchasing habits.

This is key in the event of possible promotional features that your store may offer. Why not show your customers that you are attentive to their individual needs and offer them a heads up to something that they would be interested in? It can only improve their loyalty to your company.

By using inventory software, see how easy managing your stock becomes
Our inventory software keeps track of every transaction that occurs every business day. Tallies can be made in respect to every individual product that your business offers. This gives you the heads up when it comes time to reorder that stock, ensuring that you never run out of anything. In addition, our inventory software features an automated reordering option that can reorder the same quantity of stock automatically.

Not only that, but are tracking features allows you to better analyze your sales patterns to more accurately estimate your projected sales forecast. This helps you discover which products sell more or less. For the hot selling items, you can ensure that more orders of these products are made so that your customer never goes away empty-handed and that you never miss a sale. For the slower selling items, you can avoid reordering stock that isn't moving so that you have more room in the warehouse in the sales floor for the in demand merchandise.

And because our software is designed to be user friendly, this ensures that the downtime required for training is minimal.

Avoid the monotonous, hard work that goes along with inventory control. Reduce the amount of billable hours required to effectively manage your inventory, which saves money that can be directed to more profitable endeavors, such as enhancing the retail experience for your customers. Try inventory software from the POS Software & Systems Group today and see how easy inventory control can be.

If you would like to learn more about our inventory software, why not order a free demo CD here and learn first hand. To request a free quote, click here.



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