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Instant PO's

This feature allows you to generate an instant purchase order for an item. You can use this function to add additional stock at a new cost and CRE will automatically calculate the average cost of this item if Average Cost Method is enabled in the Setup Screen.

To generate an instant purchase order, select Instant PO's from the Inventory menu (Traditional only). Enter the purchase order information then click on Receive or press to receive the purchase order. Your inventory will automatically be updated. Click on Clear or press to clear the entered information. To quit without receiving the purchase order, click on Exit or press .

Enter Item #: Enter the item number of the item being received here.

Quantity Received: Enter the received quantity of the item here.

Cost Per: Enter the cost per item in this field.

Vendor: You may select a vendor for the purchase order here. Select None if there is no preferred vendor for this item.

Back Orders

This screen displays either the items that are currently on backorder for a selected customer or the customers for whom a particular item is on backorder. The grid displays the date the backorder was placed, customer number, item number, item name, the quantity placed on backorder by the customer, the current quantity in stock, amo unt paid, whether or not the backorder was prepaid, and the invoice number.

To access this screen, select Back Orders from the Administrative menu in the Options Menu (Modern) or select Display Backorders from the Inventory menu (Traditional).

To view items on backorder for a customer:

Type the desired customer number in the For Customer # field.

Press to move the cursor to a new field. Only backorders for the entered customer will be displayed.

To view which customers have placed a certain item on back order: Type the desired item number in the For Item # field. Press to move the cursor to a new field. Only backorders for the entered item will be displayed.

There are three options for displaying backorders. Select All Open Backorders to display all backorders that have not yet been filled. Select Backorders Covered by Stock to only display backorders for items that are currently in stock. Select Backorders Not Covered by Stock to only display backorders for items that are not in stock.

To fill a backorder, either double click on the desired backorder or highlight the desired backorder then click on Fill Backorder or press . The item will be added to the current invoice. Click on Exit or press to exit without filling a backorder.

Inventory Sort Order

You can choose to sort your inventory items and kits by either item name or by item number. To change the way you sort your inventory in the Modern Invoice Screen, select Toggle Item Search from the Tools menu or press .

In the Traditional Invoice Screen, sort your inventory by item name by clicking on Inventory/Kit Sort Order in the Inventory menu then select Sort by Item Name, or press in the Invoice Screen.

To sort your inventory by item number, click on Inventory/Sort Order in the Inventory menu then select Sort by Item Number, or press in the Invoice Screen. A check will appear next to the current manner of sorting inventory.

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