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Installation Notes

Always ensure you have the necessary computer hardware to run Cash Register Express:

Minimum Requirements:

  • PC with Pentium 486 processor or better, 16 megs of RAM or better
    CD-ROM (3.5" floppy drive recommended for backing up your database)
  • Microsoft.Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5 or higher

Suggested Setup:

  • PC with Pentium II 300 processor, 32 megs of RAM or better
  • CD-ROM (3.5" floppy drive recommended for backing up your database)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 3.5 or higher

Network Installation:
If you are on a network of any kind, it is recommended that you place the
CRE2000.mdb database file (this may be referred to as the CRE database file in the manual) on the server drive and install the actual program on the workstations. Running both the program and the
database file across the network will slow the program down considerably and may result in errors or
unstable performance. See "Installation Procedures" for further information.

OS/2-DOS Swap:
If you are running OS/2 and DOS on one computer, it is highly recommended that you do not run CRE under the Win/OS2 emulator, but rather use Windows on the DOS operating
system. Using the Win/OS2 emulator will result in errors.

Installation Procedures
1. Insert the CRE installation CD in the CD-ROM, click on Start, and then select Run from the Start Menu.
2. Type D:\SETUP (or the CD-ROM drive followed by \SETUP) and click on the OK button. Follow the
on-screen instructions.
3. To run CRE, select Cash Register Express for Windows '95 from the CRE2000 folder in the Start

The first time that you execute CRE you will be asked to specify the following:
The location where you wish your CRE database to reside: If you plan to work in a network
environment with multiple computers executing CRE and sharing the same database, you will
want to specify a network drive.

  • You should install CRE on each computer and then specify the same location for the database. You may override your specifications by selecting the Setup menu from the CRE ID screen. If you encounter problems with your initial specifications, delete the file CRESETUP.PCA from the directory where you installed CRE - you will be asked to specify your file locations before CRE executes as if it were the first time executing the program.
  • The location of your Windows Drive: This could be different than the drive you specified for
    CRE installation during Setup.
  • The location of the IC Verify Communication File: If you are not using IC VERIFY, you must
    still specify a location or accept the location shown.
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