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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should use the AccuPOS Point Of Sale system?

A: The users who obtain the most value from AccuPOS Point Of Sale are restaurants and retailers that:

  • Already use QuickBooks, Sage, BusinessWorks or Peachtree, and do not want to have to learn a new and complicated point of sale product.
  • Require the ability to transfer detail sales information into either QuickBooks, Sage, BusinessWorks or Peachtree. For this user, summarized sales details may not be good enough.
  • Require a point of sale software product which works with common barcode scanners and touch screen monitors.
  • Require a quick, accurate point of sale program with little training overhead
  • Require the ability to add and track customer details at point of sale
  • Require the ability to charge customer accounts, and have detailed invoices automatically created for the next billing cycle

Q: What makes AccuPOS Point Of Sale different from other point of sale software programs?

A: In a word: compatibility. AccuPOS Point Of Sale is the only point of sale software program available that can report line item detail to all versions of QuickBooks, Peachtree, Simply Accounting, MAS 90, MAS 200, and Line 50. . With the program, there is no need to learn a complex new program, nor change your current inventory, accounting and purchasing processes.

With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, your point of sale details are seamlessly integrated with your accounting program of choice.

Q: How does AccuPOS Point Of Sale differ from my current financial accounting software?

A: With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, your financial accounting software becomes the foundation for your point of sale needs. Our clients have shown us that all they really want to accomplish in a point of sale program is to process sales, collect customer details, maintain accurate inventory control and use their current accounting product.

AccuPOS Point Of Sale was developed to do this while functioning seamlessly in a fast-paced retail environment. All transaction data is automatically linked to your accounting software, so there is no need to learn a new system.

Q: Do I have to use QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks Point Of Sale Merchant Services for credit card processing?

A: No. The option of choosing a merchant account provider is up to you.

Q: Currently, I am using another point of sale program, but would like to use AccuPOS Point Of Sale. How do I transfer my details?

A: If you can export inventory and customer details from your current point of sale product, you should be able to import it directly to your accounting program. AccuPOS Point Of Sale uses this data directly from your point of sale program.

Q: How does AccuPOS Point Of Sale point of sale handle inventory?

A: AccuPOS Point Of Sale was developed to reduce redundant features you may already use in your current accounting software program. With this program, your inventory control will be performed in the same program in which you cut vendor checks and process purchase orders. AccuPOS Point Of Sale links to your accounting software, and updates it as to what was sold, for what price, to whom (if customer tracking is enabled), and will then adjust inventory accordingly, update your sales accounts and post tendering totals to your un-deposited funds section.

With AccuPOS Point Of Sale point of sale, there is no need for additional modules to interface with your system.

Q: Do I need my accounting software to run on the same computer as AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: Not necessarily. If, however, you use QuickBooks 2002 and use an XML interface, you must use it on the same computer as QuickBooks. The QuickBooks 2002 program does not need to be running in order for AccuPOS Point Of Sale to work correctly, however.

Q: Can I use AccuPOS Point Of Sale at my store, while I run my accounting software from another location, like my home?

A: Yes. AccuPOS Point Of Sale will allow you to transfer your sales information anywhere you like.

Q: What is the maximum number of stations AccuPOS Point Of Sale point of sale software can run on?

A: There is no maximum.

Q: Will AccuPOS Point Of Sale work with my current point of sale system components?

A: Yes. But, if you are updating your current system, please inquire with us, as some new products from certain vendors may have known conflicts.

Q: Can I process credit cards with AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I process credit card transactions with AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: All major credit cards can be processed using AccuPOS Point Of Sale using your current bank. There is no need to change your merchant account provider in order to use it.

Q: Will I need a cash register for AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: No. AccuPOS Point Of Sale transforms your computer into an efficient point of sale machine which not only collects your sales information, but also updates your accounting program of choice.

Q: Will my accountant need a copy of AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: No. With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, all details are transferred to your accounting software package automatically. All your accountant needs is your company's accounting software file.

Q: How can I find out more about AccuPOS Point Of Sale point of sale?

A: Call us at the number above at anytime between 9am-5pm (PST) from Monday to Friday. Our point of sale representatives will be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have. Also, consider requesting a demo of our software here, or filling out our information request form here.

Q: How do I get product support?

A: Our technical staff is available weekdays between 9am and 5pm PST at To call this number, you will need a support agreement, which will be purchased with your initial license, or may be added on at anytime. Outside of normal business hours, additional fees may be assessed.

Q: I'm expanding my store to a new location? Do I have to purchase another copy of AccuPOS Point Of Sale?

A: The AccuPOS Point Of Sale licensing agreement is granted per location. With a license, you may add as many point of sale stations as necessary at your location, for only $350 each. If you add a new location, however, you must purchase a new license.

Q: Is it possible to edit the transaction number in AccuPOS Point Of Sale to correlate with the sequence in my current accounting program?

A: Yes. AccuPOS Point Of Sale lets you start your number sequence where you would like it started.

Q: Is your AccuPOS Point Of Sale Inventory product necessary for the Point Of Sale?

A: Not necessarily. AccuPOS Point Of Sale Inventory was created to assist QuickBooks users with physical inventory counts. With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, inventory counts can be collected using only a portable scanner, and then updated immediately to QuickBooks. The amount of time saved is incredible!

Q: What point of sale products do I need to run AccuPOS Point Of Sale software?

A: If you do not currently have point of sale hardware, we can provide it at very competitive prices. Consider requesting a system quote here.

Q: How easy to use is AccuPOS Point Of Sale software? Is installation a difficult process?

A: AccuPOS Point Of Sale was developed specifically to be easy to use, and easier to install. Because it was created specifically to integrate to your current accounting software, there is nothing new to learn. The program is easy to train on, since it mirrors the operation of a conventional cash register. With AccuPOS Point Of Sale, you merely need to scan your item, total, tender, and you're ready to go. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Q: Will my software ever go out of date?

A: If you maintain an update/support contract, your software will always be ahead of the curve.

Q: Can I track customer transactions?

A: Yes. Your customer details can be imported directly from QuickBooks or BusinessWorks, or added in real time at point of sale. If your transaction is cash, it is posted to QuickBooks or BusinessWorks as a detailed cash sale. If it is on account, a detailed invoice will be posted. With this function, all sale reports are immediately available in your QuickBooks or BusinessWorks.

Q: Can I set a reminder to reorder items?

A: AccuPOS Point Of Sale adjusts the quantity on hand directly to your accounting software. Re-order points may be set in your accounting software, and when the quantity falls below that point, your accounting software will remind you to re-order.

Q: Does AccuPOS Point Of Sale have security functions?

A: Yes. With AccuPOS Point Of Sale point of sale, you may set up user groups with specially assigned security levels. As an example, you may ensure that your clerk can only process sales, while your assistant manager can process sales, returns, voids and price changes and clear the till. On the other hand, your manager can be allowed to do all of the above, plus the ability to import details to QuickBooks.

Did we not answer your question here? Please contact us here for further information. Or, consider requesting a demo of the software.



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