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File Menu Part 2

Check Database
This function allows you to check your database for inconsistencies and data entry errors within the
database. You will be given the option to backup your database before proceeding. It is recommended that you make a backup before checking the database. To check your database, select Check DB from the File menu.

Clear Database
This feature lets you delete all of the previous transactions that were performed with Cash Register Express. It will not delete any other data such as customers, inventory, etc. If you need to delete everything from your database, it would be best to re-install CRE. To clear all transactions from your database, select Clear DB from the File menu. Once you delete the transactions, there is no way to recover them, so it is recommended to backup your database file before using this feature.

WARNING: Be sure to balance all customers on account to zero prior to clearing the transactions. Clearing all transactions from the database includes transactions that are processed on account.

NOTE: The invoice number counter will be reset as well. The next invoice you create will be assigned the number 1001.

Backup Database
To backup and compact your database, select Backup DB from the File menu.
TIP: For the ultimate source of protection, you should backup your database file to a floppy diskette(s).

Add Station
To add a Station ID:

  • Click on File or press <ALT-F>, then select Add Station.
  • Enter the new Station ID in the Station ID field.
  • Click on OK or press <ENTER> to save the new ID. If the Station ID already exists, CRE will
    display a message prompting you to choose a new Station ID. Click on Cancel to exit without
    adding a new Station ID.
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