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File Menu

The File menu on the Cash Register Express Log-in Screen allows you to redefine your original specifications for the location of your CRE database, Windows directory, and IC VERIFY interface file, as well as compact and repair, check, backup, and clear your database. This menu also allows you to enter the network password to have multiple cash register stations, change your current password, define the functions allowed for cashiers, and maintain employee information. To access the File menu, click on File or press <ALT- F>.

Select Industry
This function allows you to choose which program to load upon start up. To choose Cash Register Express, enter 1 for General Retail, or enter 2 for Restaurant Pro Express.

Select Database Location
This allows you to specify your CRE Database, Windows drive, and IC VERIFY locations (If you are not using IC VERIFY, you must still specify a location for the file). You will also be prompted to choose which program to load on startup (CRE 2002 or Restaurant Pro Express).

NOTE: This example shows the database location to be on the c:\ drive. If the database is being shared on the network, you must specify the drive letter of the shared drive (e:\ for example).

To make changes in the Setup File Locations Screen:

  • Choose Select DB Location from the File menu.
  • Click on OK or press <ENTER> to keep the current location, or type in the desired location
    then press <ENTER> to save the changes.
  • Repeat the previous step for Windows Drive and IC Verify Drive
  • Choose which program to load upon startup. Press 1 for CRE 2000 or 2 for Restaurant Pro

Compact and Repair Database
You should select this function to repair a database that was left invalid by an incomplete write operation. This can occur if CRE quits unexpectedly because of a power outage or a computer hardware problem. This function also attempts to validate all system tables and all indexes. You should also select this function after numerous additions and updates have been made to your CRE database. As you change data in a database, the file can become fragmented and use more disk space than necessary. Periodically, you should compact your database in order to defragment the file. The compacted database will usually be smaller. To compact or repair your database, select Compact and Repair DB from the File menu.

NOTE: A backup of the original database is created before compacting. It is called CRE32CMP.MDB and will be stored in the C:\CRE2000\DATA2000 directory.

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