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Express Input

Express Input allows you to add or edit inventory items quickly because the screen is laid out in spreadsheet form. To access this screen, select Express Input from the Administrative menu in the Options Menu (Modern) or from the Inventory menu (Traditional).

Only certain fields are visible in Express Input: Department, Item Number, Item Name, Cost, Price, Retail Price, In Stock, Tax, Vendor, Reorder Level, Reorder Quantity, and # Bonus Points. To edit any field of an item, use or the mouse to move the cursor to the desired box, then type in the new information.
To add an inventory item, use or the mouse to move the cursor to the line marked with an asterisk '*' then type in the information. Your inventory will be updated automatically when you enter or change data. Click on Exit or press to exit the Express Input screen.

Vendor Maintenance

A vendor is a person or company from whom you purchase items in your inventory. The Vendor Maintenance screen allows you to create or update vendors. To access this screen, select Vendor Maintenance from the Administrative menu in the Options Menu (Modern) or from the Inventory menu (Traditional).

To create a vendor:

Click on Add or press Type in a vendor number in the Vendor Number field. You may wish to use a telephone number as a vendor number. NOTE: Do not use an asterisk, *, in the vendor number.

Use or the mouse to move the cursor to each field to enter the vendor's information, then click on Save or press to add the vendor. Click on Cancel or press to quit without creating a vendor.

To update or delete a vendor:

Select the desired vendor. Scroll through your vendors by using the arrow buttons. The Left arrow will display the previous vendor and the Right arrow will display the next vendor. To search for a vendor, type the vendor name or vendor number in the Search by Vendor # field, or click on the down arrow to display a list of all the vendors. Once this field is highlighted, you can also use the up and down arrows < > and < > to scroll through the list.

Change the desired information, then click on Update or press . Click on Exit or press to quit without saving any changes.

To delete the selected vendor, click on Delete or press . NOTE: Only vendors that are not preferred vendors for an item may be deleted.

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