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Enterprise Retail Software

In business, detail is everything. Sloppy finances and inventory management can break a business, and by consulting with POS Software and Systems Group, you can set up a solid enterprise retail software system to help your retail business increase profits, and create new efficiencies.

Superb inventory management is also a big contributor to the bottom line. Without it, leakage can damage your financial situation, and ruin your business. Traditional inventory counts can be tedious and can waste money. By using a digital wand to scan your inventory, you can have a quick and accurate count of your product relayed directly to your inventory software.

In retail, your shelf space is your number one profit generator - knowing what is in stock, and what isn't is a key contributor to sales. With our retail POS system, you can easily program alerts to notify your when product is running low, seasonal changes need to be made, or even if a particular item is showing a dramatic change in sales patterns. Having this feature enables you to facilitate effective inventory decisions that will increase profitability dramatically. Inventory software will connect with the checkout feature, ensuring real time up to date inventory numbers.

Theft Reduction
Customers have reported up to a 10% reduction in in-store shrinkage once they have installed enterprise retail software systems. Your employees will also become more accountable by using enterprise retail software with inventory control. Our research shows that an average small business with sales of $400,000 can save up to $10,000 a year in leakage. Savings like this can be the difference between profit and loss.

Staff Efficiency
By using enterprise retail software, you will see increased efficiencies in your sales staff as well. Implementing digital sales software with a barcode scanner can decrease checkout times by 50%, enabling your staff to spend less time at the checkout and more time where you need them, on the sales floor assisting customers. Studies show that standing in a checkout line more than 3 minutes can aggravate consumers. By cutting down checkout times, you keep customers happy, and create more sales from pleased return customers.

The POS Software and Systems Group enterprise retail software system offers employee management features, an important value-add. These features enable you to create employee schedules, employee clock in and out accountability, gross pay reporting, and even a wage calculator. Everything you could possibly need to run your company's payroll.

Enterprise retail software from POS Software and Systems Group is compatible with most accounting programs as well, including QuickBooks and Peachtre. By having your accounting books correlated with your sales software, you have up to the minute financial accuracy, making day and month end reports more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Increasing profits is the goal of every retail business owner. By implementing enterprise retail software from POS Software and Systems Group, you will maximize your profits and increase staff efficiencies. Contact us here today to find out more.

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