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A Digital POS system with integrated cash register and inventory control system is truly an essential weapon for today's successful retailer. While analog cash registers are typically only constructed for daily order totalling (much like a large, expensive calculator), a Digital POS System from POS Software & Systems Group is developed to help you do so much more. Just a few features include profit analysis, integration with your accounting program, inventory itemization and complete sales breakdown by product group.

Complete Inventory Monitoring
Using the strengths of computerized inventory monitoring, you can easily analyze your on-shelf inventory. As a result, your employees will be much less likely to give away inventory, retain obsolete inventory or let breakage reports slip. Increase accountability for your organization means less shrinkage, and a simple way to investigate losses. Some of our customers have experienced upwards of 10% less shrinkage once a digital POS system has been installed.

Inventory Ordering Alerts
Your shelving space is critical to your retail business. With our POS systems, you can program special alerts when inventory is low, a seasonal change must be made, or if a particular item is showing a dramatic sales change. This increased efficiency means you can make immediate, effective inventory decisions that will dramatically increase profitability.

Proven Theft Reduction
Some of our customers have reported a 2-5% decreases in theft thanks to the effective inventory management tools our systems provide. In fact, our experience shows that an average small business selling $400,000 per year can reduce in store shrinkage by an average of $10000. Because digital pos systems enable you to better monitor your inventory, your employees will become more accountable.

Quicker Customer Checkout Times
A digital POS system dramatically speeds up customer checkout time. Barcode scanners can easily enable a 50% time savings. And even without a scanner, your inventory is automatically adjusted. This can save you numerous hours per month, and allow you to quickly import all information into Quickbooks, Peachtree or another accounting program.

We encourage you to contact us about a digital pos system today. Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help you bring increased efficiency to your business.


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