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Customer Bonus

The Customer Bonus screen allows you to define a bonus that a customer will receive once a specified number of bonus points have been accumulated. The Activate Bonus field must be checked in order for CRE to award bonus points and determine if a customer has accumulated enough bonus points to qualify for the bonus described. To access the Customer Bonus screen, select Customer Bonus from the Setup menu. Use <TAB> or the mouse to move to the desired field, then type in the desired information. Click on Update to save any changes made or click on Cancel to ignore any changes.

NOTE: Bonus descriptions, cost, quantity, price, and taxable status may be overridden prior to adding the bonus item to the invoice. Also, the customer may select not to take the bonus item at the time it is offered.

Bonus ID: This is the default ID assigned by CRE. It cannot be changed.

# Bonus Points Required: This indicates the number of bonus points that a customer must accumulate to receive the bonus described. Once the specified number of points has been accumulated, the bonus is added to the customer's invoice - the cashier will be asked to accept (Add to Invoice) or reject the bonus (Cancel). If accepted, the customer's bonus points will be decreased accordingly.

Activate Bonus: If this box is checked, bonus card information will be reviewed and applied by CRE for customers who are Bonus Plan Members.

Tax: This indicates which tax is to be charged when the price of the bonus item is greater than 0.

Bonus Description: This is the description that will appear on the invoice for the bonus item.

Cost: This is the actual cost of the bonus item. Bonus items are tracked under a Non-Inventory number.

This is the number of bonus items to be given.

This is the price to be charged for the bonus item. You can enter a price or 0 for no charge.

Discount Levels

This feature allows you to set up discount levels for customers. To choose a discount level for a customer, type the letter corresponding to the desired discount level - A, B, C, D, or E - in the Discount Level field of the Customer Maintenance Screen (See Chapter 3: Customer Control).

The default customer discount level is A. The selected discount is automatically applied for each new inventory item added. You will be able to customize the discount levels on particular items (See Chapter 2: Inventory Control).

NOTE: Inventory Level overrides will take precedence over customer discount levels. To change the value of a discount level:

  • Select Discount Levels from the Setup menu.
  • Use <TAB> or the mouse to move to the desired field.
  • Enter in the new discount percentage level.
  • Click on Update to save the new values or click on Cancel to ignore any changes.

NOTE: Each discount level MUST have a value.

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