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Cash Drawers

The retail industry is extremely competitive. To be successful, you should have up to date technology to increase the efficiency of your business. Profit growth is the goal of every business and increased efficiency creates increased profits. With features like integrated cash drawers, employee management and inventory tracking, today's POS systems are much more than just a simple cash register.

Customer Satisfaction
As a retailer, you realize how important your staff's efficiency is to your businesses success. Spending too much time at the checkout takes away from the time your staff could be helping customers. By installing a POS system such as POSSG, with an integrated cash drawer and barcode scanner, your efficiency immediately rises. You will cut checkout times down by up to 50%, enabling your staff to spend less time at the checkout and more time where you need them.

Marketing studies have proved that customers become frustrated when they have to wait in line longer than 3 minutes. An unsatisfied customer may not return to purchase again, meaning decreased profits. By cutting down checkout times, you ensure your customers leave satisfied.

Accurate Inventory Management
Inventory management is important to profits in your business. Manual inventory counts can be inaccurate, costly and time consuming. By installing a cash drawer POS system with inventory management, you will simply have to scan your inventory with a portable scanner. Your entire inventory will be input into the database, enabling you to update pricing information for all products. Since the inventory management database is linked to your cash drawer, your inventory levels will automatically adjust with each transaction, leaving you with an accurate real time inventory count.

Shelving space is also a crucial part of inventory management. Selling out of products can force your customers to purchase what they need from competitors. Our inventory management enables you to set special alerts for inventory issues. You can create notifications if product levels are running low and you need to re-order, or if a seasonal changeover is required in a certain area. You can also set an alert if irregular purchasing patterns are affecting a particular product.

Increase Accountability
Leakage is an ongoing battle in the retail industry. Businesses using POS software with cash drawers and inventory management have reported up to a 10% decrease in leakage after installation. Having an electronic record of all transactions and inventory keeps everyone in your business more accountable for their actions, and allows for a way to better investigate loss.

Accurate accounting is an important part of retail. Our cash drawer POS systems allow for integration with many accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. Since your books will be associated with the sales system, you have up to the minute financial figures, and accurate numbers. The more organized your books are, the less time you spend on tedious accounting activities.

POS systems with cash drawers and features such as inventory management and employee management can increase your businesses efficiency and improve your profits. Contact our customer service specialists to find out how we can benefit your business

Customer service representatives at POS Software and Systems Group can assist you in putting together a POS hardware system to improve profits and boost efficiencies.

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