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Business Management Software

POS Software and Systems Group helps assist companies in choosing and purchasing the right business management software for their retail business' for over 10 years. Choosing a business management software product is a critical decision: in some areas, it can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Business Management Software Efficiencies

By implementing business management software into your retail business, you enable your sales staff to work more efficiently. By adopting barcode scanners at checkouts, you enable your staff to cut down check out time by 50%, getting them to spend more time where you need them, offering sales assistance. Studies have shown that consumers become agitated when waiting longer than 3 minutes to checkout. By using business management software, you can ensure your customers stay happy and leave feeling positive about your company.

Inventory Management
Inventory management is a critical concern for every retail business manager. Inventory counts can be incredibly time consuming, and are costly. Business management software enables you to keep a closer watch on your inventory, in real time. By using a digital scanner on your products, you can transfer inventory data to the software immediately, and have a fast and accurate count of your stock. Since this inventory software is connected with your sales data, each transaction will adjust the inventory count, keeping a real time inventory for you.

As well, we understand how important and how difficult it can be to keep the proper amount of product in stock. Selling out of product can force regular customers to shop elsewhere, and can be embarrassing for you. With inventory software from POS Software and Systems Group, you can set minimum levels that once product drops below, your will be notified of the situation, and can take action to re-order.

By using business management software with inventory tracking, customers have reported a 2-5% drop in theft. A company selling $400,000 per year can reduce in store leakage by up to $10,000 a year, increasing your profits. These features will make your employees more accountable.

Extra Benefits
This is where many business management software companies put an end to the services they provide. Software from POS Software and Systems Group provides you with everything you could possibly need. This software is compatible with most accounting programs, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree, allowing you to facilitate book keeping.

By integrating the sales systems with your accounting books, you will have real time, accurate day and month end reports at your fingertips. As well, our software has employee tracking features, such as scheduling calendars, wage calculators, and sign in sections, bundling all your business needs into one program.

By using business management software from POS Software and Systems Group, you will immediately see an increase in efficiencies in your business. With higher efficiency comes a higher profit, something every business owner is looking to achieve.

Contact our services representatives to find out how business management software can benefit your retail business.

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