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Bar Code Overview

In Cash Register Express works with any type of wedge barcode device. A wedge barcode device plugs into a "Y" type connector that allows the simultaneous use of a keyboard and barcode device using a single keyboard port.

The best type of barcode device to use is a Laser type scanner that can read barcodes at a distance of up to 1 foot away without touching the barcode. A Laser scanner costs about $500. A CCD type barcode reader is a handheld device that must touch the barcode or be within Żof an inch of it. A CCD barcode scanner costs approximately $300. The least desirable type of barcode scanner is a barcode wand that must actually be rubbed against the barcode to read it. A barcode wand costs approximately $200.

A barcode device is a simple instrument to use with Cash Register Express and it makes invoicing much easier. For example, a 16-ounce bottle of Diet Coke has the barcode number 049660. With Cash Register Express, you can either enter 049660 manually, or you can very quickly scan the number, just like in the supermarket.

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