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About POS Software & Systems Group

POS Software & Systems Group is a privately held distributor of POS systems, hardware components and software. We are a division of AccuPOS, a company first established in 1996. Comprised of a developer team with over 20 years of experience developing Point Of Sale and overall Accounting Software products, we focused on POS alone beginning in 1997. In part, this was because the availability of common accounting software products had increased, and was split for our customer base.Consisting mainly of small to mid level retailers, our client base made it known to us that their accounting systems, Quickbooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks, were their preferred application for general accounting. So, we turned our resources to re-developing our POS software product specifically for these systems. By 1997, our first version was complete.

POS Software & Systems Group is a division of AccuPOS Inc., a leading developer of point of sale software solutions first established in 1996. By offering a point of sale solution with easy integration for QuickBooks®, Peachtree® and BusinessWorks®, we discovered that we could best serve our clients in the fast growing retail market, and become a value-added support system for independent consultants and retailers across the United States.

Our key point of sale software product is called AccuPOS Point Of Sale. AccuPOS Point Of Sale and AccuPOS for restaurants have developed a solid track record as an extremely easy to use point of sale system with an interface that works seamlessly with popular accounting systems. We also offer AccuCount Inventory, a product which adds efficiencies to physical inventory counts, and AccuPrint, which enables remote printing of point of sale data.

Today, POS Software & Systems Group continues to innovate and create new opportunities for our clients in POS systems and software, inventory control and, of course, cash register products. Our business is increasing the efficiency of yours - one transaction at a time.

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